Sunday, 29 July 2012


When you are god among men and a master to your destiny; sickness, poverty, pains, intimidation's, set back, failure and hatred will be far from you always running when ever you are close. While prosperity, riches, love, victory, godliness, total control, good health and any positive thing you want on earth will all be enslave to you to always obey your command.
To acquire all this; you need to secure our Ejele water.
It is our miraculous water that can perform all kinds of wonders, it is from the south-south region of the world and can only be fetch and administered by our high priest.
Ejele water is not for sale and is unsellable because it is fetch according to the name and wishes of the person whom is in need of it.
To get this water; you will have to visit our temple or contact us to guide you on the purification process if you are far from our temple. Once you are purified, we will have your water sent to you.


  1. Prophet Itoto please i need this water, i am from London and this is my email:

  2. Thanks to you prophet itoto, all my worries are gone through the help of this water. At first when you said this water can do anything according to my wishes; I never believed but now i see the true power of this water, any good thing i requested always come true.
    Please tell me how i can send you my thanks offering for in you; i have found refuge.

  3. Wow! This is the most awesome thing i have ever seen in my life; where an ordinary water can perform all sort of miraculous act.
    I will have to thank you in with my whole heat because; the position i was fighting for, that makes me to come to your temple, is now mine.
    Ones again thank you.

  4. Please prophet, how do i get this miraculous water of yours? My friend told me of the great wonders this water has done for her. Please help me.
    This is my email: