Thursday, 5 September 2013


Do you need a quick money from a spiritualist? or an unbeatable powers?

Itoto Ugu is the man for you.
I have moved from one spiritualist to another searching for help to gain my wealth back, after i was being scammed by many fraud stars; but when i found Itoto Ugu, my story was changed to glory and the miracles i experienced  from him is far beyond my expectations and imaginations, I am now a proud owner of a multi-billion dollars company and I'm also in control of my destiny; i know things before they happens and i always see how my tomorrow is going to be.
All of these originated from the help of Itoto Ugu, i can't be telling you all my secrets of success, because every mighty success in this world, there are always secrets behind it and if you know these secrets, you will also be successful in all your endeavors..

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Saturday, 13 July 2013



I'm Anton from Washington DC, United States.

I'm say a marvelous thanks to Prophet Itoto whom just rescued me out of my chronic poverty.
I was married to a pretty lady and i was working in a company called; "Zantech IT Services". I have a little problem with the company in 2008, and i was dismissed from the company on May 20th 2009.

Ever since then, i have been dueling in an unimaginable poverty, my pretty wife divorced me for another man, thereby leaving me all alone in the suffering.

Sometime two weeks ago, i met a testimony of Prophet Itoto and his miraculous act, i contacted him via the link in the testimony.

I was asked by the prophet to perform some rituals which did't even cost me upto $300.

After one week of my rituals, i was so surprised 3 days ago when i was called by the management of Zantech IT Services and i was ask to resume work with a high promotion and with immediate effect, i was also compensated with a total sum of $1000,000 and a house with an official car on my resumption day.

Once again, thanks to Prophet Itoto, i will always bare my gratitude to you for your miraculous act.  

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Do You Need a True Love Spell Caster?

We are the strong and the mighty, are you searching for a true love spell caster or a real spiritualist?

Itoto ugu spiritual center is the right place for you, we cast supernatural love spells, and it work perfectly as we are required.

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Saturday, 1 September 2012


If you don't know where you are going, others will lead you to their destination and that is a first class failure for you.
But if you know where you are going, what you want and where to get it; you will fly like an eagle to the peak of you destiny.
The genesis of you life is not when you were born; but it is the time you realize whom you are and what to do to make you that person whom you are destined to be; that is the starting point of your life and is what matters most in the life of everyone(fate don't guide, but hope guides).
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Sunday, 29 July 2012


When you are god among men and a master to your destiny; sickness, poverty, pains, intimidation's, set back, failure and hatred will be far from you always running when ever you are close. While prosperity, riches, love, victory, godliness, total control, good health and any positive thing you want on earth will all be enslave to you to always obey your command.
To acquire all this; you need to secure our Ejele water.
It is our miraculous water that can perform all kinds of wonders, it is from the south-south region of the world and can only be fetch and administered by our high priest.
Ejele water is not for sale and is unsellable because it is fetch according to the name and wishes of the person whom is in need of it.
To get this water; you will have to visit our temple or contact us to guide you on the purification process if you are far from our temple. Once you are purified, we will have your water sent to you.

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